WATCH: 'Shocking Facebook Fails' Alleged

By Jackie Cohen Comment

A conspiracy theorist alleges that Facebook is trying to censor him and his followers, singling them out with bugs and other limitations in the site’s features.

He’s even recorded a video about his beefs with the social network, and we’ve embedded a copy of it below. He summarizes:

On Facebook, I’ve had no in-box (private-message) access for about a week. I have no group admin access, no access to my full list of groups that I belong to, no notification of comments on my links. My news feeds are severely limited with two-to-six items typical even in “most recent” mode. I have more than 4,800 friends on Facebook and they aren’t the quiet type. I am an outspoken activist promoting many truths that are not welcomed by those in power. These kinds of problems are occurring for many of my truth movement friends. Please help us restore Facebook access and features.

I can’t help wondering what this guy has been smoking, and would love to know what you think about his complaints. Please let us know in the comments section whether you’ve experienced any of the glitches mentioned in Martin Truther’s video below.