Wash Your Hands — and Watch this Video — for World Toilet Day

By Devon Glenn 

If you thought the holidays weren’t starting until Thursday, you were so, so wrong. Today is no ordinary Monday, friends. Today is World Toilet Day! To celebrate, UNICEF is sharing an interactive video that dramatizes the importance of washing your hands before you leave the restroom.

The video takes you through the ordinary day of several faceless strangers as they walk around town, play soccer, pet some dogs, use the computer, and become more and more dirty with each surface that they touch. So dirty, in fact, that by the time the star of the video reaches the sink, the water has turned a greenish brown from all the filth — and this was after the person had already eaten a sandwich.

If you enable your webcam during the video, you’ll be in for an even more disturbing surprise at the end.

Poor hygiene is no joke — 2 million children die of diarrhea and pneumonia every year. The World Toilet Organization created World Toilet Day to remind us all that there are still 2.6 billion people who don’t have access to proper toilets.

If you’re lucky enough to have a toilet and a sink, show your appreciation by washing your hands with soap and water. Then take a look at the video, visit the Global Handwashing website, and shout the message from the bathroom stalls.

Image by gosphotodesign via Shutterstock.