Average Player Of Kixeye Facebook Game War Commander: Two Sessions, 1.5 Hours Daily

By David Cohen 

Facebook touted the success of massively multiplayer strategy game War Commander, from developer Kixeye, in a post on its developer blog, saying that the game has become one of its top-rated applications.

Statistics touted by the social network were:

  • War Commander totals more than 400,000 daily average users, whose sessions last an average of 38 minutes.
  • The average War Commander player logs more than two sessions per day, spending one hour and 30 minutes daily playing the game.
  • Since Kixeye added its World Map feature to War Commander in early April, daily average users have jumped 66 percent.
  • Due to its use of Facebook’s new payer promotion over the past couple of months, revenue and payer conversion are both up.
  • Speed-ups account for 85 percent of revenue across all Kixeye games.
  • Facebook users who install War Commander via the app center generate higher-than-average revenue per user.

And the post in the Facebook developer blog called out War Commander for doing the following things well:

Keeps people spending time in the game by:

Encouraging real-time social interaction: War Commander gets players more deeply involved in the game by letting them talk with other players through in-game chat. Players use the feature to organize battles and to compete, which brings an immediate social element to game play and creates opportunities for sharing.

Maximizes revenue by:

Converting new payers: The new payer promotion feature enables War Commander to offer a discount on in-game currency to people who haven’t paid before. In addition to benefiting from the standard promotion unit that runs alongside their game on Facebook, War Commander has also created a custom interstitial dialog to showcase the offer, which has doubled their number of conversions. The game also increases conversion by offering an extra incentive, such as a free Command Center upgrade. To integrate the new payer promotion in your game, read our documentation.

Monetizing speed-ups: Instead of selling vanity items, War Commander monetizes primarily through speed-ups. By paying to speed up repairs or research new weapons or troops, players don’t have to wait to launch their next attack.

Reaching people through app center: War Commander has seen higher revenue users come to their game through the app center. Find out how to create your own app detail page and start benefiting from this new growth channel for your game.