Viral Radar: Man Talks Nonsense To Shoppers

By Megan O'Neill Comment

Nonsense, poppycock, baloney, gibberish, hot air, noise, babble. Whatever you want to call it, it’s funny, and a new series of videos is proving that nonsense makes for incredibly viral subject matter.

YouTuber Jack Vale has released a series of three videos called “Nonsense” over the last couple of months. In the first video, Nonsense, Vale confuses a salesperson at Safeway by talking a bunch on nonsense; in the second video, Nonsense 2, Vale drives around a strip mall parking lot during the holiday shopping season confusing people as they walk to and from their cars; and in the third video, Nonsense 3, which was just released a couple of day ago, Vale gives the nonsense treatment to grocery shoppers. “We got this last time, this tartar sauce and well, what happens is the grapes come out in the snow and if you don’t have your eye on the skydivers then they’re gonna be coming down too fast. So just keep that in mind I guess with whatever you prepare it with, you know what I mean?”

Nonsense 3, which you just watched above, has just over 38,000 views in the first two days and is currently rising up the YouTube charts. I think it’s hilarious, although I have to admit that I think it pales in comparison to Nonsense 2, in which he approaches people nonsensically in a parking lot.

I love this pranky, Tom Green-esque sort of humor. The actual pranking is funny – in the case of Vale’s Nonsense videos the things he says alone are entertaining – but the reactions of the people that are pranked are what really make for some great comedy. For instance, in the first video above, the guy who he warns about the tartar sauce looks confused by Vale’s warning, yet he still puts the tartar sauce back on the shelf, deciding against the purchase. That stuff is priceless, if you ask me.

What’s your take on Vale’s Nonsense videos? Do you think they’re funny or just poppycock nonsense?