Help Whole Kids Foundation, PACT Crowdsource 100 Urban Gardens Across America

By Megan O'Neill 

Whole Foods Market’s Whole Kids Foundation and PACT, the clothing line with a cause, have teamed up with Indigogo to crowdsource 100 urban gardens across the United States.

The gardens, according to a press release, are designed to “increase access to healthy food and empower adults and children to actively experience how food is grown — from seed to plate.”  Each of 100 urban gardens accross the country have their own campaign page on Indiegogo, with a campaign goal of $2,500 each.  You can find and donate to a garden near you at  For each donation between $25 and $250, PACT will offer a gift from its new urban garden-inspired Spring/Summer 2013 clothing collection.

Nona Evans, executive director for Whole Kids Foundation, says, “Whole Kids Foundation has seen firsthand the huge interest for community gardens, so we are excited to join such a creative initiative that will raise much needed funds and promote awareness about the importance of understanding where our food comes from.  Gardening helps create a tangible experience that connects parents and kids to real food and helps inspire healthier eating habits.”

PACT owner, Jeff Denby, says, “We are excited to connect BACT with urban farms across the country and raise awareness of the importance of eating healthy foods.”

This is a pretty cool example of crowdsourcing being used for a good cause and Indigogo co-founder Danae Ringelmann says, “It’s inspiring to know that a mission-drive foundation, brand and crowdfunding platform can not only do good together, but we can also empower people to take action and influence what happens in their local communities.”

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