Unmetric Integrated Into Shift Open Marketing Cloud

By David Cohen 

UnmetricLogo650Social intelligence and benchmarking platform Unmetric has been integrated into the Shift Open Marketing Cloud, the two companies announced Tuesday.

The addition of campaign intelligence from Unmetric, which is powered by algorithms and human insights, will enable users of the Shift Open Marketing Cloud to analyze and identify key social media metrics across platforms and enhance their paid media strategies.

The two companies said marketers will be able to analyze the performance of their campaigns, identify which strategies drove engagement, and improve efficiency by backing the best-performing elements of their campaigns.

Shift Co-Founder and CEO James Borow said in a release announcing the integration:

Our goal is to provide brands with a single platform that combines all of the data and solutions they need to reach their customer with the right message, at the right time, and Unmetric’s data and capabilities complement that mission. The most valuable insight marketers can gain is knowing when organic content is performing well so they can boost the content into paid media to maximize the revenue opportunity. Unmetric allows us to provide our clients with the tools they need to seamlessly execute their social advertising campaigns across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Unmetric CEO Lakshamanan Naryan added:

In today’s social media marketing landscape, brands don’t just need big data, they need actionable data that helps push business objectives forward. Our platform enables brands to achieve this by providing the competitive intelligence needed to make informed and strategic decisions. The partnership with Shift Open Marketing Cloud will help brands improve real-time efficiency and spend on their collaborative social advertising campaigns.