INFOGRAPHIC: Facebook And Candy

By David Cohen 

Candy brands have a sweet tooth for Facebook, as it is by far their social network of choice, with most of them having little presence on Twitter, YouTube, or Pinterest, but which ones are using Facebook most effectively? Analytics outfit Unmetric performed a taste test.

Unmetric combined various analytics to create Unmetric scores for candy brands from one through 100, and M&M’s topped the list at 55, edging Reese’s, at 54. Kit Kat took third place, with a 46.

Here are the top three finishers in other categories tracked by Unmetric:

  • Total likes: Reese’s (9,926,317), Kit Kat (8,026,272), Hershey’s (5,429,317).
  • Growth in likes during August and September: Kit Kat (20.6 percent), Nestle Crunch (8.8 percent), 3 Musketeers (6.8 percent).
  • Average engagement (each post’s likes, comments, shares  and impressions: M&M’s (312), Reese’s (203), Snickers and Kit Kat (46).
  • Percentage of replies by page administrators: Nestle Crunch (24 percent), 3 Musketeers (15 percent), Hershey’s (13 percent).
  • Average reply time by page admins: Nestle Crunch (four hours, three minutes), Hershey’s (six hours, 41 minutes), Snickers (six hours, 44 minutes).
  • Largest gender disparity among fans: Nestle Crunch (78 percent female, 22 percent male), Hershey’s (76 percent female, 24 percent male), Kit Kat (69 percent female, 31 percent male).

Unmetric CEO Lux Narayan said:

Even brands that seem fun and whimsical to consumers, like candy, need to remain interesting and engaging to their fans. At first, it was surprising to see that so many major candy brands are focusing their social media efforts solely on Facebook. But with 1 billion users, it makes sense that these brands would focus on reaching the largest pool of their consumers.

Readers: How did your favorite candy brands fare?