Facebook Testing ‘Search The Web’ Link In Typeahead Results?

By David Cohen 

Facebook continues to experiment with its typeahead search results, following last week’s test of sponsored results there with another test, reported by sister blog Inside Facebook, this time featuring a “search the Web” link that takes users to a Facebook page with Bing search results.

The typeahead usually offers only Facebook results, with results from elsewhere on the Web only accessible after clicking through to the main results page.

Facebook also changed its search bar last month, prompting users to “Search for people, places, and things.”

What is the thinking behind this latest test? Inside Facebook speculated that the social network might be attempting to coax users to perform Web searches without leaving its environment for pages such as Google.

Here’s another thought: Since the link found by Inside Facebook takes users to a page with Bing results, might this be an extension of Bing’s introduction in May of its social sidebar column with Facebook introduction?

Readers: Are you seeing the “search the Web” link in your typeahead search results?

Screen grab courtesy of Inside Facebook.