Twitter Will Sync Direct Message Notifications

By Cameron Scott 

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With a set of new updates for mobile apps and its Web service, Twitter today began rolling out synching for direct message notifications.

Twitter has long notified users of direct messages they may already have read using a different interface. With the updates, once users read a direct message on any device it will be marked as read in any other device or interface.

“We’ve heard your feedback: Direct messages now sync across all your devices,” the company said in its announcement to users.

The commentary on Twitter suggested that users viewed the issue as a glitch long overdue for repair.

“I think I’m going to miss re-reading my direct messages over and over and over again,” tweeted Josh Elman, an investor at Greylock Ventures who once worked at Twitter.

The updates also add further heft to Twitter’s search function by displaying user bios and a list of similar accounts with results to queries for a user name.