Twitter Slams Jenny McCarthy for Anti-Vaccine Stance

By Christie Barakat 

twitter slams anti-vaccine jenny mccarthy

On Thursday, The View co-host host Jenny McCarthy asked her 1.13 million Twitter followers: “What is the most important personality trait you look for in a mate? Reply using #JennyAsks.”

As The Daily Beast reports, “Twitter had one overwhelming response in mind: Someone who isn’t anti-vaccination like you, Jenny.” McCarthy was inundated by tweets from people slamming her for her very public stance against child vaccines.


McCarthy has pointed mostly to anecdotal evidence by parents in her assertions that giving children vaccines — particularly within too short a timespan — could lead to autism. Some parents reacted by choosing not to inoculate their kids for fear of triggering autism, which activists believe may have contributed to the current measles outbreak in New York City. Her own son was diagnosed with autism in 2005.


Using what is considered bad PR strategy, McCarthy has thus far ignored the criticism and has instead tried to change the subject. On Friday, she tweeted: “Tune into #bluebloods on #cbs at 10pm EST to see the reason why I jog on a treadmill everyday. #hotdetective Danny… of course.”

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