Twitter Has Officially Tipped

By Nick O'Neill Comment

Well it looks like Twitter has officially tipped. Personally, I have noticed a jump in the size of my Twitter followers over the past few days. Just today I’ve had 15 people add me and the day isn’t over. This is similar numbers to what Alley Insider is reporting. Brian Solis says that “Twitter is the New Real Estate Frenzy“. I agree and a number of people are battling to gain the most Twitter followers on the site.

Are you still not on Twitter? Over the past week I’ve had at least 10 people ask me what Twitter is and why it keeps showing up on my Facebook profile. If you don’t understand what Twitter is, the first thing I recommend is that you go register for the site and follow 200+ people. Then, start joining the conversation. This is the same way that you leverage any social media tool for the first time. If you want a more thorough overview of the application, feel free to contact me.

So why join Twitter aside from trying to collect more followers? It’s where the conversation is happening! Seriously, if you want to have an interesting dialogue online you have to go where the conversation is happening not try to bring it to you. Twitter is where the conversation is happening and given the Alexa chart below, I would say that it is soon going to experience many more conversations. Are you on Twitter? Have you experienced a boom in your followers over the past couple days?

Also, follow me on Twitter if you aren’t already. Send me an @ reply and I’ll add you back!

Twitter Alexa Chart