Tumblr Cracks Down on Spammers and Scammers

By Kenna McHugh 

Brian Braiker of Fresh Air Tumblr

For the past few months, Tumblr has been in the news about its unprecedented problem with spam blogs and scamming launchpads. Even NPR’s Fresh Air voiced its message to Tumblr customer service on its own Tumblr blog. The public radio station commented on dealing with spam blogs and asked Tumblr to do something about it.

Tumblr replied to Fresh Air’s concerned and it looks like Tumblr has plans to officially crack down on spammers and scammers:

“Please know that we’re aware of a recent increase in blogs with odd URLs that are following large numbers of users. We’re doing everything we can to quickly suspend these blogs and to keep more of them from being created.”
The next section of the message indicated that Tumblr can locate the spammers and scammers, thus suspending their subscription:
“As Tumblr finds and suspends these blogs, you may see that your Followers count seems incorrect for a period of time. Our Follower indexing system time to recognize that a given blog has been suspended and to then not count that suspended blog in your Followers count. We’ll update your Followers count correctly after a period of time.”
Tumblr also informed Fresh Air that the spammers or scammers have “not compromised the security” of their Tumblr account or the security of their computer in general. “
Tumblr also advised the public radio station that they can Block “any blogs that are causing you concern”. Tumblr’s Blocking doesn’t mean that it prevents someone from accessing the page as a Follower or stops them from viewing web pages or RSS feed. The block is used so followers can’t see blocker’s posts on their Dashboard, blocker can’t see them listed in post notes or in Dashboard notifications and blocked followers messages are completely blocked from the site.