Treater Goes Mobile, Allows Users To Give Facebook Friends Gifts On The Go

By Justin Lafferty 

Social gifting — where users can send items and presents to their Facebook friends — is all the rage these days. Treater, a prominent social gifting company, announced Thursday that it is taking its technology mobile, launching applications for iPhone and Android devices.

Treater applied its technology to mobile devices in an effort to make social gifting an easier experience. CEO Jeff Ross told AllFacebook that unlike other apps that focus on gift cards, Treater wants the act of giving something specific such as movie tickets, a cup of coffee, or a beer, to be special.

Treater integrates Facebook into its platform by announcing gifts given to friends as wall posts (they can also select to be notified via text message or email). Users can also seamlessly sign into the mobile app using Facebook. People can then redeem these gift offers online or in physical store locations. Treater also shows what gifts have been received on a person’s Facebook profile.

Ross talked about the company’s plans with AllFacebook:

You’ve probably seen that it’s somebody’s birthday on Facebook, and you see 100 messages, or people are sending them 100 tweets, and the thought behind the company was, “Wouldn’t it be great if you could do something that was a little more connected, a little more real, a little more meaningful?” … Hopefully I’m reacting to something you may have posted or tweeted, you know, saying, “Hey, I was up late last night and I’m tired,” then I send you a cup of coffee. It’s much more specific than if I just sent you a gift card, and we’re trying for those kinds of connections that can be spontaneous and in the moment.

Readers: How often do you use a social gifting app to do something nice for a Facebook friend?