Bring Facebook Photos To Life With Top Charms

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook photos are a great way to connect with friends and loved ones, but they don’t have to stay on your phone or computer. Through an interesting idea, Top Charms, users can bring permanence to their Facebook photos by keeping them in charm form. The project gained popularity on Kickstarter, and it appears ready to share soon.

Top Charms is another cool form of social permanence. Earlier this year, we covered Yearly Leaf, which takes a person’s yearly history on Facebook and turns it into an actual book.

Through Top Charms, users can easily take Facebook photos of loved ones or anything else and create a charm chain. The kit (which Top Charms Founder Peter Reis said will retail for $20) includes multicolored rings, as well as an easy paper punch. With the Top Charms Facebook application, users can select and size photos from their profiles, print them out, punch out the photos, and place them in the charms.

People can use Top Charms to show support for a cause or to keep a loved one close to them:

If a user wishes, they can also post to Facebook through the Top Charms app, if they’re using a photo for a sentimental reason:

Reis put the project on Kickstarter last month, asking for $5,000 to get Top Charms off the ground. So far, users have stepped up with more than $6,000.

Reis talked with AllFacebook about Top Charms. He wanted it to be something fun, as well as easy to use and easy to change, much like a Facebook status update:

I was just really fascinated with how and why people use Facebook. I figure if whatever was motivating them to use Facebook could somehow be encapsulated in a tangible product, then the product would be popular, too. Then it was just kind of a brainstorm. It would involve photos and be updateable and keep you close to your friends, and then it really just morphed into what I’ve also described to people as lockets that are for the modern age.

Check out the video on Kickstarter for more information about Top Charms:

Users: Do you think this looks like a cool product?