AMC Backs ‘The Walking Dead’ With Facebook Game

By David Cohen 

Cable network AMC is promoting the third-season premiere of hit drama series “The Walking Dead” Sunday, Oct. 14, at 9 p.m. ET/PT by teaming up with RockYou and Eyes Wide Games on Facebook game The Walking Dead Social Game.

Players in The Walking Dead Social Game will battle man-eating zombies and earn points based on stamina, shooting accuracy, range of movement, and vision, and they can play against their Facebook friends, who may suddenly turn into zombies and come after them.

AMC Senior Vice President of Digital Media Mac McKean said:

The audience for AMC’s “The Walking Dead” is passionate and deeply interested in the world of the show. Our social game allows them to explore and experience the zombie apocalypse for themselves, along with their friends.

RockYou Senior VP and General Manager of Studio Partners Josh Grant added:

Gamers are ready for a more robust game-play experience on Facebook. We’re bringing a thrilling survival-horror game experience to a more social platform that both long-time gamers and fans new to the gaming space can enjoy.

Readers: Are you ready to do battle with the zombies?