The Periscope of Podcasting? ZCast Launches on iOS

By Brandy Shaul Comment


Following a closed beta, ZCast has announced the official launch of its social podcasting platform on iOS. The platform allows users to broadcast live podcasts from their mobile device, and interact with their listeners in real time, just as a video host can interact with their viewers on Periscope.

With ZCast, users sign in with their Twitter account, and can choose to start casting at any time, or schedule a ‘cast’ for later. While users can cast by themselves, the app allow users to invite others to be guest speakers on their casts. Users can also share their casts to Twitter to invite users to listen.

For listeners, users can browse live and upcoming podcasts within the app. Listeners can comment on podcasts as they listen, and hosts can respond in real-time. While listening, users can invite others to listen as well, and can post likes on casts.

ZCast Screenshots

In a statement, ZCast CMO, Hillel Fuld, commented:

The end game for ZCast is to enable anyone to easily share an opinion in a group format. The ability to create a podcast from the comfort of your own home without any add-ons or complications is a technological achievement we pride ourselves on, but even more exciting is the new levels of interaction that are being facilitated here.

ZCast is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, and is coming soon to Android. Users can also listen to podcasts on the Web.