The Best Days to Post to Facebook, by Industry

By Devon Glenn 

It turns out that we’re not all on Facebook all day, every day. This infographic shows marketers in different industries how to catch people when they’re in the mood for everything from finance to fast food, any day of the week.

Analysts at LinchpinSEO have measured three types of interactions: likes, comments, and shares; and studied the amount of interaction per day to come up with the best days to post for each sector.

It’s mostly bad news: many people curb their Facebook time until the weekend, when they can upload their baby pictures (and hopefully pick out a luxury car) in peace.

Oddly enough, many of the businesses that normally have weekend hours (retailers, for example) see the most social media engagement on weekdays, while those that stick to the traditional work week (banks) are more likely to get a response from their customers on weekends. Technology is the exception to the rule:  Mondays are the best days to post, with an engagement rate that’s 30 percent higher than on other days.Best Days To Post on Facebook, by Industry