Facebook Suspends TBG Digital From Preferred Marketing Developer Program

By Justin Lafferty 

Not long after several companies celebrated their entrance into the Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Program, one company has lost its ads badge for violating rules regarding talking about new product tests. According to sister site Inside Facebook, TBG Digital is no longer recognized as a Preferred Marketing Developer in the field of advertising.

A company can become a Preferred Marketing Developer, earning a badge of recognition from Facebook, in four areas: pages, ads, applications, and insights.

Inside Facebook notes that TBG still has access to the Facebook Ads API, so it can continue to function and offer its ONE Media Manager. As a result of the lost privileges, though, TBG can’t join the other Preferred Marketing Developers to participate in alpha and beta tests. CEO Simon Mansell told Inside Facebook that the company is looking into readmission.

Mansell discussed the issue of TBG’s dismissal with Inside Facebook:

We have resolved the processes that led to this and are working closely with Facebook to regain our accreditation in the coming months. The suspension of the accreditation doesn’t affect our ability to do our job, as we still access the API in the same way as we have since 2009. Facebook is our most important partner. However, our clients pay our bills, and helping them achieve their goals will always be our first priority.

Facebook declined to comment to Inside Facebook about this matter.