Select Facebook Advertisers Can Target Ads By Email, Phone Number, User ID

By David Cohen 

The ability to target ads to Facebook users by email, phone number, or user ID was rolled out to users of the social network’s power editor with managed accounts Wednesday, and ads application-programming-interface partners can request access to the functionality for their managed accounts, as well, according to a report in sister blog Inside Facebook.

Facebook users must have previously opted into providing that data to advertisers, according to Inside Facebook, offering as an example online retailers with lists of customer emails or developers with lists of user IDs.

Here’s how it works, according to Inside Facebook: Advertisers working with Facebook ad representatives should have access to custom audience targeting next to the page posts tab in power editor. They can upload CSV or TXT files to Facebook, which will modify the data to protect users’ identities and other information. The social network then runs these lists against its own hashed database to find matches, after which the data are discarded.

Inside Facebook pointed out that, as is the case with other Facebook ads, estimated reach must be at least 20 users, so advertisers will not be able to target individual users on the social network.

Readers who advertise on Facebook: Are you anxious to get your hands on this feature?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock. Screen grab courtesy of Inside Facebook.