SumAll Adds Facebook-Centric Features Throwback Thursday, Auto-Thanks

By David Cohen 

SumAllTablet650Data-analytics provider SumAll added two new features to its platform aimed at helping brands on Facebook increase engagement and loyalty: Throwback Thursday and Auto-Thanks.

Throwback Thursday allows users to automatically republish Facebook posts from exactly one year ago, while Auto-Thanks identifies and thanks users who promote brands through likes, comments, or Twitter retweets.

SumAll CEO Dane Atkinson said in a release announcing the two new features:

In the age of social media, data gives you the power to do all sorts of things. These two new features help SumAll users encourage positive behavior among their fans, and build stronger brands in the process. Our goal at SumAll is always to find new and better ways for our users to leverage the data we assemble. These features, which have been proven effective in the marketplace, are now available at no additional cost to SumAll users.

Certain moments in a brand’s Facebook history resonate with audiences. The Throwback Thursday function lets content managers go back to look at what been successful and cue it up for reposting. It lets you leverage quality content at a time when the brand’s audience is often bigger than when originally posted.

Readers: Do Throwback Thursday and Auto-Thanks seem like useful additions to the SumAll platform?