Facebook Adds Viral Distribution to Public Profiles With No Limits

By Nick O'Neill Comment

-Public Profile Invite Icon-When Facebook released the Facebook developer platform two years ago, one of the greatest incentives to developing was the viral distribution of applications through application invites. Soon enough, invitations were limited as users began complaining about the massive influx of new application invites and developers began abusing the system.

Now, most applications have anywhere from 2 – 40 daily invites per user. Contrast that with public profiles which now have limitless invites. For example, I just invited over 200 friends to join my page whereas previously I was limited to promoting via Facebook advertisements. This is a huge upgrade for the public profiles and I would expect to see a relatively large jump in fans as page admins begin to take advantage of this feature.

This feature just went live tonight and it’s one of the numerous upgrades that users have been asking for via our discussion forum where we started a thread earlier today about public profile feature requests. As I’ve been mentioning via the AllFacebook.com public profile, Facebook is expected to roll out a number of upgrades over the coming weeks.

The most anticipated upgrade is an updated of the public profiles API which should include access to public profile status updates. I’m extremely excited about tonight’s upgrade though as it makes it much easier to share your public profiles with friends. Previously I could only update my status but if users weren’t around to see my status update when it had been posted, they frequently missed it.

Now they will have a permanent update that they need to either accept or delete which is great for those public profile admins looking to expand their reach. Check out a screenshot of the invite form below and an image of what the page (“public profile”) suggestion looks like. Do you think this will have a big impact on the reach of public profiles? Are there any other features that you are anticipating?

Thanks to Dominic Grant for tipping us off about this in our discussion forum! Also, make sure that you become a fan of AllFacebook.

Page Suggestion Request Screenshot
-Page Suggestion Screenshot-

Page Suggestion Form Screenshot