Pranksters Flood Subway’s Facebook Page With Anime Porn

By Justin Lafferty 

When the Internet’s wide collection of pranksters decides to get together, it can be a nightmare for Facebook page administrators. Whoever runs Subway’s Facebook page is certainly earning their paycheck this week, as the page was bombarded Wednesday with animated pornographic images featuring the company’s logo and sandwiches.

Subway must be glad it’s not headquartered in Australia, where it was recently declared that brands are responsible for any and all content posted to their page.

Earlier Wednesday, several anime porn images (with sandwiches and the Subway logo in lieu of genitalia) were posted to Subway’s Facebook page and were accessible by clicking posts made by others, as well as clicking on the photos tab. Subway worked quickly to delete these images, as well as links to the offensive drawings made in comments. As of 2:30 p.m. PT, the page features of posts by others and tagged photos of Subway had been removed.

A Subway spokesperson issued a statement about the activity in an email to AllFacebook:

We are aware of the excessive spam on our Facebook wall and have removed all content that is in direct violation of our House Rules. We are in contact with Facebook to investigate the matter further and enact a swift resolution.

One of the users who posted offensive photos contacted The Daily Dot about what happened:

Hatsuke Miku Troll (an anime fan page) started making daily sandwich pics censoring with a subway sandwich and their logo. So the admin of that page asked if they should post the pictures to Subway’s page. Of course, a bunch of people agreed and joined in. We all went to websites for original pictures, saved them, opened them up in Photoshop or whatever other editing program we had, and placed the sandwich pic and or logo in there. Subway also banned us from the page afterward, which isn’t surprising at all.

Readers: How do you feel Subway handled this situation?