Subscribe Button Added to Live for Facebook Mentions

By David Cohen Comment


Facebook added a subscribe button to its Live for Facebook Mentions video-streaming feature for celebrities, journalists and public figures.

Users can click the new subscribe button to receive notifications when celebrities, journalists and public figures they follow are using the Live feature for the Facebook Mentions application.

Product manager Vadim Lavrusik and product marketing manager Peter Yang offered the following statistics about Live usage in a Facebook Media blog post:

  • More than 60 percent of Live users are from outside of the U.S., including public figures from Brazil, Taiwan and Italy.
  • Celebrities who have seen more than 200,000 Facebook users view their live broadcasts include Kevin Hart, Ian Somerhalder and Donald Trump.
  • However, those three have a long way to go to catch up with Vin Diesel, as a Live session where he previewed some upcoming film scripts drew more than 1 million live viewers.

Lavrusik and Yang said of the new subscribe button:

As a fan, it’s an exciting experience to be live and in-the-moment with the public figures you care about, and we’ve heard from some people that they’d like a way to be alerted of live broadcasts. Today, we are adding a new subscribe button to the top-right-hand corner of live videos, so fans can choose to get notified when their favorite public figures are using Live.

Readers: Have you ever viewed a live broadcast shared via Live for Facebook Mentions?