StumbleUpon Strikes Again… With Their New Online Video Recommendations Service

By Megan O'Neill Comment

There are a huge number of places for viewers to turn for online video recommendations, from Facebook and Twitter to YouTube Leanback and the new Vimeo Couch Mode, recommendation engines like and everything in between. However, StumbleUpon is looking to rise to the top, over all of these other recommendation engines, to become the number one place for video discovery on the web.

StumbleUpon has been one of the most popular ways for social media-savvy web surfers to discover new and interesting content, based on the content they already like, for a while now. However, the site wants to become an even more popular way for users to discover new content. Today they launched an updated StumbleUpon Video site, improving upon their previous video experience by adding videos from Hulu and TED to their database, as well as integrating recommendations from users friends, as well as videos that are popular and well rated.

StumbleUpon CEO Garret Camp’s goal with the new StumbleUpon Video service is to create an online experience that is similar to watching television – but watching television that knows what you like! He tells NewTeeVee, “I never had a very good experience with watching TV. It never learned what I like.” He told TheNextWeb, “With the new StumbleUpon Video, we’re bringing serendipity to channel surfing, giving people an alternative to television that is more interactive, diverse and personalized.”

As you can see from the screenshot below, not a whole lot has changed about the StumbleUpon Video interface. However, a lot has changed behind the scenes to improve the service. Stumblers can now view content from YouTube, Hulu, CollegeHumor, Vimeo, MetaCafe and TED, among other sources, and can also take advantage of more social features, which should lead to a much more personalized experience and improved content.

Personally, I have tried out a number of video recommendation services and StumbleUpon is my favorite, by far. Almost every single video that they recommend to me is something that I love, and most of the time I haven’t seen it before. I’m excited to see how the service improves from here and whether the recommendations will get even better and more tailored to my personal taste. Do you use StumbleUpon for video discovery? Let us know about your experience with it in the comments.