STUDY: Local Facebook Pages Are Far More Engaging than Global Pages

By David Cohen 

SocialBakersGlobalVsLocal650Keeping it local is the way to go when it comes to Facebook pages, as a recent study from social media analytics platform Socialbakers found that local pages far outperform global pages in terms of engagement, due to the quality and frequency of localized content.

Socialbakers said it examined more than 800 global pages and 5,000 local pages, and it found that while global and local pages promote the same percentages of their posts, the latter dominated in interactions per 1,000 fans for pages of all sizes:

  • Fewer than 100,000 likes: Local pages received 107 percent more interactions than global pages.
  • 100,000 to 499,999 likes: 169 percent.
  • 500,000-plus likes: 346 percent more interactions.

Socialbakers also broke out data on five companies: KFC, Nivea, Visa, Kit Kat and Nissan. Here’s what it found:

  • KFC: Its global page posted less frequently than all but two of its local pages, but it still gained more interactions than all but five of the local pages. However, its interactions per 1,000 fans were far below those of the local pages.
  • Nivea: Every local page posted more and got more interactions than its global pages.
  • Visa: Every local page posted more and got more interactions than its global pages.
  • Kit Kat: The candy brand posted nearly as much on its global page as on its local pages (average), but it only saw 1.4 interactions per 1,000 likes on its global page, compared with an average 132.7 on its local pages.
  • Nissan: The automaker posted more on its global page than on its local pages on average, yet it only received three interactions per 1,000 fans on its global page, versus 276 on average for its local pages.

Readers: Did any of Socialbakers’ findings surprise you?


Image of local marketing sign courtesy of Shutterstock.