STUDY: Facebook Active Usage Down 3% From 2Q Through 4Q 2013

By David Cohen 

GWIChangesInActiveUsageChartAlthough Facebook remains far and away the top social network in terms of accounts, active users, and frequency of visits, it saw a 3 percent drop in active usage between the second quarter of 2013 and the fourth quarter, according to the latest study from GlobalWebIndex.

According to GlobalWebIndex, Facebook was the top social network in terms of account ownership, at 83 percent; active usage, at 49 percent; and visit frequency, with 56 percent of users logging in more than once per day.

Other findings by GlobalWebIndex included:

  • Indonesia is the country with the strongest Facebook penetration, at 97 percent of Internet users, and in general for social networks, the Middle East and Africa are the most likely to be hotbeds of membership.
  • Facebook Messenger saw a 13 percent gain in usage and barely held on to the top spot in terms of messaging applications, staving off strong challenges from competitors such as WhatsApp (up 35 percent), Snapchat (up 54 percent) and, most prominently, WeChat, which rode a 379 percent gain to second place on the list, behind Messenger.

GlobalWebIndex said of Facebook’s performance:

It’s something that needs to be kept under watch, obviously, but these trends are hardly reflective of a social network that’s “dead and buried” or suffering widespread desertion. Facebook is just too ingrained within the fabric of the internet (single sign-ons, like buttons, mobile OS) to become irrelevant any time soon.

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