STUDY: More Top Brands Flock To Instagram

By Justin Lafferty 

Brands have an overwhelming presence on Facebook, but has that transferred into the site’s photo-sharing network, Instagram? New figures from Simply Measured show that more brands are becoming hip to Instagram, as 67 percent of the Interbrand 100 (top companies such as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and Disney) have a presence on the site, compared with 57 percent in February.

Even though more of the Interbrand 100 companies (76) are on Pinterest, their followings on Instagram are much greater. The collective audience of those companies on Pinterest is fewer than 500,000, compared with the 67 brands’ combined 7 million followers on Instagram.

The biggest brands on Instagram are Nike, MTV, and Starbucks — which have more than 1 million followers apiece. Nike became the third company on the Interbrand 100 to crack 1 million followers this quarter. Mercedes-Benz, which has the 10th-most followers of the Interbrand 100, is rapidly growing in engagement. The company has seen a 572 percent quarter-over-quarter growth in Instagram engagement and a 212 percent increase in followers.

  1. Nike — 1.31 million followers
  2. MTV — 1.29 million
  3. Starbucks — 1.2 million
  4. Burberry — 761,000
  5. Gucci — 561,000

MTV used Instagram extensively during the MTV Movie Awards, posting 78 photos that day and averaging more than 16,000 likes and comments on each.

Even since Feb. 1, the top brands of the world have increasingly found presences on Instagram and become more successful. The percentage of the Interbrand 100 to have active accounts has risen 10 percent since Feb. 1, and more brands are reaching high follower counts.

The Facebook tie-in has been prevalent, as well. Of the 3,569 photos that the Interbrand 100 posted to Instagram this quarter, 98 percent of them were shared to Facebook, compared with 59 percent on Twitter. These top brands have seen a 16 percent quarter-over-quarter increase in engagement on Instagram.

Here’s a more detailed look at how top brands’ adoption of Instagram has changed since the site was purchased by Facebook:

And, in case you were curious about which filters these brands use, Amaro is king, but most brands prefer unfiltered photos:

Readers: Which brands do you follow on Instagram?