Stick And Play Introduces Branded Games Played Directly Within Facebook’s News Feed

By David Cohen 

StickAndPlayWolfAndEggsFollowing the announcement by Facebook in August that it relaxed its guidelines on promotions, companies including ShortStack, Woobox, KRDS, TabSite, Offerpop, and Comment Game have taken advantage with products that enable page administrators to run contests and promotions directly on the social network’s News Feed, but what about branded games that are fully playable in News Feed? That’s where Stick and Play comes in.

Stick and Play allows page admins to choose from a list of one-dozen games, customize the graphics and fonts in those games, and use the social network’s embedded posts feature to spread those games throughout Facebook and the rest of the Internet.

The company said it was spurred to develop its service when Facebook introduced feed gaming in May 2012, allowing users to sample games directly via posts on the News Feed or users’ Timelines, adding that the ability to publish Flash objects eliminates the need to require potential game players to install applications and grant permissions.

Stick and Play offered more details in an email to AllFacebook:

We have noticed that the majority of brands running their marketing campaigns on Facebook got stuck with trivial contest apps or ineffective hashtagging activities. We thought: Do they really want their dear brands to “stand out” by being in line with millions of others? We started the search for something truly innovative, and we stumbled upon a Facebook-supported feature that barely anybody has noticed — feed gaming. This was the starting point for Stick and Play.

We’ve come up with an answer; games playable right in Facebook’s News Feed. No strings attached — that’s what makes feed gaming winsome. Things get more interesting when you mix it up with branding, add any imaginable customization, spice it with an all-around-the-Web embedding feature, and a company ends up fixed with a new, powerful gear for raising its brand awareness.

Who is the recipe for? For any conscious brand that wants to take the benefit for using an innovative way of increasing interaction with its existing and potential supporters. How does it really work? We’ve used the opportunity to publish Flash objects, such as our games, on Facebook News Feed, users’ Timelines, and anywhere on the Web. A game, rendered in Facebook posts by brands or users, which does not force anybody to switch to any application and grant permissions, is what makes a new, unheard-of way to engage fans on the site.

Stick and Play added that it has raised $100,000 in seed funding from Speed Up Venture Capital Group.

Readers: Would you play games directly within your Timelines or News Feeds?