How Starz Honed Its Facebook Publishing Strategy To Promote ‘The White Queen’

By David Cohen 

TheWhiteQueen650While Facebook is targeting a slice of television’s advertising pie with its test of video ads, the social network has also taken many steps to benefit TV networks and series, and premium cable network Starz took full advantage with its comprehensive Facebook campaign prior to the Aug. 10 series premiere of “The White Queen.”

Starz Executive Director of Digital Marketing Erin Dwyer spoke with Facebook for Business about the Facebook publishing strategy for its campaign backing the series, nothing that ratings-measurement service Nielsen credited the Facebook campaign with a 25-point increase in awareness.

Dwyer added:

Sometimes we’re looking to engage people who are already watching, and other times the goal is to build awareness among new people. So we look at what each platform is capable of, and then make a decision based on who we’re trying to reach and what we’re trying to achieve. With “The White Queen,” we wanted huge pre-premiere buzz among women in the U.S. aged 25 through 54.

For “The White Queen,” Facebook was a great place to reach our broader target demographic — it allowed us to reach a lot of people who hadn’t heard about the show yet. And Philippa Gregory, who wrote The Cousins’ War books, also has a nice following on Facebook, which meant that we could reach devoted fans, as well.

We take an editorial approach — we think of ourselves as editor-in-chief of the show. We don’t just push content at people. We’re trying to add something of value, and we try to bring in other content that reflects what’s happening in the show. For instance, the birth of the royal baby was very big with “The White Queen.” Because the show is based on actual historical events, we were able to tie the baby’s lineage into the show.

It’s important to balance our voice with the voice and tone of the show. On Facebook, you can be a bit more conversational and casual than on other channels, but we also worked with the team from “The White Queen” to make sure we were honoring the show’s voice.

We try to stay flexible. We map out the kinds of content we want to share, but if we find that viewers are gravitating to a particular character or plot line, then we switch our focus. And we try to create different reasons for engaging with the page.

We invite people to participate by submitting their own creative. And we also mix the types of content we offer — video, lists, longer-form content, behind-the-scenes looks at the show. That variety helps people engage on deeper levels over time. Ultimately we’re looking to do more than engage just for the sake of it — we want our presence to help people enjoy the show more.

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