Startup Aims To Finally Make “TV Everywhere” A Reality

By Megan O'Neill 

For years television distributers have been talking about the idea of “TV Everywhere”—services that let viewers watch all of their favorite channels on any device, from their TV sets to the web to their mobile devices.  However, thanks to legal issues, uncooperative networks and other issues, TV Everywhere has gotten off to a slow start.  NimbleTV, a budding startup, is out to change that.  Their tagline is, “Finally, your live TV from any country, anywhere you go, with unlimited recording.”

NimbleTV CEO Anand Subramanian tells Brian Stelter of the NY Times, “We’ve all heard about TV Everywhere for a long time.  One of the questions that’s bothered me is, why is it not here yet?”

Unlike services like Slingbox, which require a physical device to let you get your fix of TV programming on the web, NimbleTV works with no long-term contract, no startup costs and no extra equipment or wires, though the service will cost a monthly fee which is assumed to be somewhere in the vicinity of $20.  With an Internet connection, viewers can watch TV packages from the US or any other country on any device, from smartphones to tablets, PCs and even on TV.  If you’re not around to watch content live, NimbleTV offers unlimited recording and even lets viewers record multiple shows at one time and save them for later.

How does it work?  There’s an explanation on the NimbleTV website:

“Pick a cable or satellite package from any country and we’ll sign you up.  You’ll get your own local address and NimbleTV will host all your shows in the cloud.  Now you’re ready to watch your TV using the NimbleTV software anywhere, on any device.”

You’re probably asking yourself, “How is this legal?”  Subramanian assured the NY Times that the company “went to extreme lengths” to comply with the law.  However, Stelter writes that, “Mr. Subramanian said he did not expect for the company to be sued, but some of the company’s investors said privately that they expected suits.”  Investors include Greycroft Partners, Tribeca Venture Partners and the Tribune Company, which owns 23 TV stations.

NimbleTV is launching its test phase today.  For starters it is limited to viewers in New York City and a set of 26 channels.  What do you think about this new service?  Interested in trying it out?

Megan O’Neill is the resident web video enthusiast here at Social Times.  Megan covers everything from the latest viral videos to online video news and tips, and has a passion for bizarre, original and revolutionary content and ideas.