Spring-Cleaning Tips For Facebook Users

By David Cohen 

SpringCleaning650Thursday is the first day of spring, and Facebook shared some spring-cleaning tips for users looking to tidy up their News Feeds, shine up their profiles, organize their notifications, and get their privacy settings in order.

The social network’s spring-cleaning tips are:

Clean Up Your News Feed

Have an acquaintance you’d rather not hear from seven times a day? Want to see more from your best friends? Streamline and update which friends you’re hearing from by managing your News Feed settings.

  • When a status you’d rather not see appears in your News Feed, hover over the top right of the post — a drop-down arrow will appear.
  • Select “Unfollow all from [Sarah Jane]” her posts will no longer appear in your News Feed.
  • Create a close friends list — make sure you keep up on your friends’ most important moments.
  • Want to see less from others? Create an acquaintances list, which makes their updates less prominent.
  • Create custom lists — create a list for coworkers, high-school friends, etc.

Spruce Up Your Profile

Put your best foot forward this spring by updating your profile and staying engaged.

  • Is your profile picture up-to-date? Pick something that was taken recently, choose a large photo, and make sure you’re in it!
  • Choose photos for your cover image and profile photo that complement each other.
  • Highlight photos from your favorite vacation, life events (wedding, your child’s birthday, graduation, etc.), or hobby (your softball team, your treasured book library, or extensive record collection).
  • Turn your posts into interesting and more exciting updates — get visual with thumbnails and photos/videos, add a hashtag to turn topics into clickable links in your posts, and “star” the posts you want to make sure your friends see on your Timeline.
  • Chances are some of the pages you like might not be the ones you connect with you now. Go to the “about” section on your Timeline to manage pages and find suggestions of sports teams, music, books, and movies to add to your interests.

Update Your Notifications

It’s probably been a while since you updated what you get notified about on Facebook — make those daily pings work for you and take a double check on what you get notified about and what you don’t.

  • Click on the globe at the top-right of your Facebook profile; click on “settings” and then “notifications.”
  • Manage your email and push notifications on your phone — use email for “only important notifications” and manage your push notifications on your phone to your liking.

Review Your Privacy Settings

It’s always a good time to review your privacy settings and make sure they are working for you.

  • When reviewing your basic privacy settings and tools, you have the option to monitor who is able to contact you. For incoming friend requests, you can choose whether or not to allow “everyone” to send you a request, or restrict it to just “friends of friends.”
  • You can also control whose messages you want filtered to your Inbox with “basic filtering” and “strict filtering.” With “basic filtering” (the recommended choice), you will see messages in your Inbox from mostly friends and people you may know. If you choose “strict filtering,” you will mostly see messages from friends, and messages from people you want to hear from may go to your other folder.
  • Set up who can see your future posts. You can control who can see what you share by using the audience selector right where you post. Go to your “privacy” settings under “account settings” and select, “Who can see my future posts?” If you want to make everything you do on Facebook public from now on, select “public” under the settings. By selecting “friends,” only your friends will be able to see your future posts.
  • Review your activity log. Activity log makes it easy to see the things you’ve posted on Facebook, make changes to the audience of past photos and other posts, and choose what appears on your Timeline.

Readers: Were these tips helpful? Anything to add?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.