Spredfast Adds Support For Facebook Post Targeting

By David Cohen 

Social media management platform Spredfast added expanded support for post targeting for pages, which Facebook recently rolled out to pages with more than 5,000 likes.

The social network’s offering to brands allows them to target ads to Facebook users by email, phone number, user ID, language, age, gender, interests, relationship status, education, or workplace.

New capabilities available to Spredfast users include:

  • The ability to choose between gated targeting, meaning the previously available targeting by language and location, or enhanced targeting.
  • Analytics from the campaign level down to the post level, allowing page administrators to assess the success of their campaigns.
  • The ability to create and save unique targeting profiles for different audiences, and to limit those profiles to different users within the Spredfast platform.

Spredfast Chief Marketing Officer Jim Rudden said:

Most savvy brands are already using Facebook’s gated targeting for language- or geography-specific posts, so we expect rapid adoption of enhanced targeting by brands. Keeping content relevant for specific audiences is the key to standing out in the news feed.