Spredfast, Mass Relevance Join Forces

By David Cohen 

SpredfastMassRelevance650Social relationship platform provider Spredfast and social experience creator Mass Relevance announced Wednesday that the two companies have merged, and that the combined entity will operate under the Spredfast name. The company will be based in Austin, Texas, and Spredfast CEO Rod Favaron will lead it, with Mass Relevance Co-Founder and CEO Sam Decker joining its board of directors and serving as an executive advisor.

The new Spredfast also has offices in San Francisco, Chicago, New York, London, and Sydney, with a total of some 350 employees.

The two companies said the merger will allow them to offer marketers the ability to manage, monitor, and integrate social content across any digital screen, and they offered the following statistics on the combined companies:

  • More than 600 customers (brands and media).
  • 50 percent of Interbrand’s 2013 World’s Best Brands are clients.
  • All five major broadcast networks are clients.
  • Clients are based in 84 countries.
  • Spredfast and Mass Relevance manage 1 billion consumer brand connections.
  • 40 percent of the U.S. populations sees its social experiences during primetime TV each week.
  • 55 million people see its social experiences online on a monthly basis.
  • Content is managed in 80 languages.
  • More than 650 million pieces of social content are managed per day.

Favaron said in a release announcing the merger:

Keeping up with the speed of social is a lofty challenge for marketers and media today. Consumers continue to raise the bar for how they want to engage with brands. Amidst a sea of social chatter, brands must find the right moments to interact with their audience, and move faster than ever to deliver their stories. The combination of Spredfast and Mass Relevance give brands an unparalleled ability to stay on top of market trends and be smarter about how to engage customers in social experiences that build lasting relationships.

Decker added:

We built Mass Relevance to connect relevant conversations from social networks and fuse them into a customer’s brand story. Three years later, we are honored to align with our neighbors, another Austin-based company, to complete the circle of bringing audience participation into every aspect of marketing. The combination of Spredfast and Mass Relevance opens up new possibilities for our customers to do more with social content in real-time.