Spotify Launches Embeddable Play Buttons and Other New Features

By Devon Glenn 

Spotify has been hinting at big changes to its digital music service for months. Today, the company launched several new features that are reminiscent of Pandora and iTunes, including a Radio function and a Play Button that you can embed on your website or blog.

The music streaming service has always been more of a digital jukebox, where listeners select the songs they want to play.  Now when you choose a favorite album or playlist, you can also press a Radio button to hear a continuous stream of similar songs. The selections are automatically generated using an algorithm similar to Pandora’s.

Previously, your choices for embedding songs were iTunes and SoundCloud. Now you can also get a Play Button directly from Spotify. Right-click (or hit the “control” key and click) on any album, playlist, or track to pull up a menu bar. When you select “Copy Embed Code,” you’ll get an HTML code that you can use on your website or blog. See how Rolling Stone latched right on to that one.

Spotify has also improved its navigation bar, making it easier to scroll through the search suggestions using a mouse or arrow key and see the results on the main screen.

When all is said and done, Spotify is still a social service.  In addition to your Facebook connection, you can also get a shortened link for Twitter and post music directly to Tumblr.

The new changes will roll out to your existing account sometime today. You can also download the newest version from Spotify’s website here.