SportStream Adds Facebook Integration For Winning App

By Justin Lafferty 

Sports fans are all over Facebook — cheering through status updates, sharing content from team and athlete fan pages. SportStream, which announced this week it has added Facebook integration, taps into that spirit with an application that curates trusted and engaging content for sports fans from all over the social network.

Say you’re a Chicago Bulls fan. If you’re watching the game at home, there’s also a high possibility you’re also on the computer, either checking out tweets from beat writers and fan blogs, or on Facebook, talking with friends about the game and interacting with updates from news outlets and the official Bulls team page.

SportStream — backed by Paul Allen, the Microsoft co-founder and owner of the National Basketball Association’s Portland Trailblazers and National Football League’s Seattle Seahawks —  brings all of that activity into one place. SportStream’s Uberstream compiles game-relative material from friends and trusted news sources. Users can pick a sport and easily switch from game to game, capitalizing on one of the most engaging modes of message delivery — photos:

SportStream knows just how engaging sports fans are. The company, which built its brand on Twitter and other sources of social media, pointed out that 35 percent of 18-to-35 year olds regularly use social media to comment, tweet, share, or link to online sports content. Additionally, 45 percent of sports fans are following teams or athletes on social media.

Teams and players themselves have been insanely popular on Facebook. Soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo has built up a Facebook following of more than 51.6 million fans. The Los Angeles Lakers, of the National Basketball Associaiton, have more than 11 million fans on Facebook, and the team’s star player, Kobe Bryant, has 14.4 million fans on the site.

SportStream, which offers web and iOS apps, cultivates relevant information from trusted sources on Facebook and Twitter (not random unknown blogs or people who are irrelevant to the user) to give fans a complete experience while they’re watching the game:

Users can get their friends in on the fun with SportStream by following the game and telling fellow fans, creating an open graph action:

Bob Morgan, SportStream’s CEO, explained how this can be a powerful tool of engagement for sports fans:

Sports fans are increasingly relying on Facebook for team news, injury reports, special content and interviews. SportStream’s new Facebook experience delivers fans a game time feed providing an engaging and easy way to interact with their favorite teams. The added personalization should also drive exciting engagement between friends and make trash talking even easier.

Readers: If you’re a sports fan, does SportStream appeal to you?