SongPop Shooting For The Top Of The Charts On Facebook

By Justin Lafferty 

When FreshPlanet Co-Founder and CEO Mathieu Nouzareth and the rest of the development team started working on SongPop, they just wanted to create a game that would tap into the potential of mobile and social media. The game — which quizzes users on their ability to recognize a song as quickly as possible — has earned praise from Facebook Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg and was recently featured on the Facebook developer blog.

How popular (and addicting) is SongPop? Just check out this chart from our sister site, AppData:

The game works kind of like a modern version of “Name That Tune” — users are pitted against a friend (or a random person) and given a choice of music genre, ranging from 60s to new wave and k-pop to hip-hop and everything in between. Once a playlist is selected, SongPop will spin a tune and show four options — either the name of the song or the artist. You’ve got to select the correct answer, and quickly.

The faster you click, the more points you get. The better you perform, the more credits you can get. Credits can unlock new playlists, giving you the chance to change it up a bit. Another one of our sister sites, Inside Social Games, gave a more thorough review of the game not long after it debuted.

SongPop is impressing people all over the social network. On June 21, Mark Zuckerberg posted this message to his page:

Song Pop is one of the most fun Facebook games I’ve played in a while.

Nouzareth told AllFacebook that Zuckerberg’s announcement was a boon for the game. The traffic to the FreshPlanet site, app and Facebook page increased dramatically that day. FreshPlanet was quite confident it had a winner as soon as SongPop was developed, but it didn’t guess that it would be this viral. The developer has been pleasantly surprised with how the game has really taken off. Nouzareth talked about the game’s success in an email to AllFacebook:

It is a very good surprise, as we were able to tap the natural virality of the game, as well as taking advantage of open graph on the mobile and PC platform. We knew from the beginning that the game would be good and have a lot of potential, but until you launch and see people playing, it is hard to predict a success.

The game was recently featured in Facebook’s developer blog, where the company’s head of platform partnerships, Julien Codorniou, wrote about how successful SongPop has been since its inception earlier this year. Codorniou noted that in less than six weeks, SongPop has grown from 5,000 to more than 7 million monthly active users. More than 2 million people play the game very day.

He also said that Open Graph activity drove 20 million clicks to SongPop from news feed, ticker, and timeline in the past month. 60 percent of the people who play do so through Facebook, and 65 percent of its mobile users also play the game through Facebook. In the past month, Facebook mobile users — a very valuable commodity — have accessed SongPop more than 6 million times.

Codorniou wrote about what SongPop does well, such as friendly competition and getting people to play through mobile:

SongPop uses the open graph to make it easy for players to share activity and help their friends discover music. The app publishes a variety of meaningful actions like “guessed,” “won,” and “achieved,” which help it grow quickly through news feed, ticker, and timeline. These actions are central to the game play, they’re things people are happy to show off on their timeline, and they’re interesting to those people’s friends.

What’s next for SongPop? Nouzareth said he’d like for SongPop to be two things moving forward: a music discovery tool so players can discover new songs and artists, and a lightweight social network for music lovers, so the company can connect users who have similar taste in music.

Readers: Have you played SongPop? What do you think of it?

Image courtesy of Facebook.