SocialWire Welcomed Into Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Program With Apps Badge

By David Cohen 

Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developer program welcomed another member, as advertising platform SocialWire announced Wednesday that it can now sport the Apps badge.

SocialWire’s two-pronged approach is comprised of SocialWire Connect, which allows marketers to add Facebook Open Graph functionality to their websites, and SocialWire Amp, which helps them share the resulting activity by Facebook users. The company announced a $2 million influx of seed funding last November.

The company announced its acceptance into Facebook’s PMD program in a blog post:

We’re a PMD!

We’re thrilled to announce that last week, Facebook accepted SocialWire into the Preferred Marketing Developer program with the Apps badge.

We at SocialWire remain a one-two punch for Facebook Ads, but increasingly find ourselves focused on the second punch — the advertising. We’re excited by the challenge of helping Facebook ads become a more relevant and native experience. Facebook is enabling some truly groundbreaking ways of reaching new and existing audiences, and we’re eager to bring our dynamic display platform to the table as an option for marketers.

SocialWire’s philosophy is to enable more automated and scalable ways for marketers to promote their products. For example, instead of having to choose which products to promote, SocialWire creates ads out of an entire catalog, and lets marketers set strategies like, “advertise all my back-to-school products.” We automatically find target audiences based on signals we pick up from the products themselves, like brand names and price, as well as marketer-supplied data, like purchase history. We then optimize the campaigns based on conversion metrics — i.e., we spend more money on the ads that resulted in sales.

As a PMD, we’re looking forward to working even more closely with Facebook to better serve our clients. Custom audiences and lookalike modeling are particularly powerful and useful for marketers with robust CRM platforms, and “dark posts” are an exciting new ad format that allows marketers to reach new customers in the News Feed.

We also believe that for sites that have built-in Open Graph sharing, Open Graph sponsored stories are a no-brainer — our customers are seeing highly positive ROI (return on investment) from these ads. We now offer a self-service dashboard to purchase and target Open Graph sponsored stories.

We are excited to be part of the PMD program and look forward to continuing on our path to make advertising more useful for people and easier to manage for marketers.