What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About Gigya

By Neil Glassman Comment

Gigya is a software-as-a-service technology for scalable social CRM, deigned to unify the most popular identity and social providers including Facebook, Twitter, PayPal and LinkedIn and bring social sign-in features and benefits to corporate websites.

It can help online businesses deepen customer relationships and drive social registrations, word of mouth and social interaction for websites and applications. Gigya also offers analytics, consulting and support to every implementation.

Ways the product benefits social media campaigns

Gigya provides ways for brands to enable and utilize social registrations to obtain better information on customers in order to increase customer value, open new communication channels and improve social engagement

Coolest feature

The iRank Key Influencer report provides Gigya customers with data about key influencers to help them optimize and scale social CRM efforts:

  • The Data is available as a report and a real-time API call.
  • The feature can be used for special offers, special access or other opportunities to selected users/customers.
  • iRank indexes number of friends in a user’s network; number of shares; volume of referral traffic; along with activity frequency.

Feature rundown

Connect – A single “super-API” connects customer sites and applications to all social and identity providers. Gigya extends to mobile including the iPhone, iPad and Android to make the user experience more seamless.

Social Sign-on – Online businesses can offer their customers the ability to register on their site with an existing social identity from more than 20 providers including Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and Paypal. The company can then access the associated profile and social graph data to personalize/customize marketing.

Sharing – The platform provides several plugins to help drive referral traffic from social networks, including a share plugin and a reactions plugin.

Community – Activity feed, comments and live chat plugins can be used to build community engagement on and off the site.

Analytics – Reporting includes data on number of connected users by social network, age and gender; sharing activity by social network and referral traffic that results from sharing activity.

User profile

Brands seeking integration of social media and owned website data including online publishers in sports, news, entertainment and business, medium-to-large online retailers, and consumer brands.

User review

“Gigya’s social sign-on functionality makes it so much easier for users to share our content with friends on all the major social media platforms, and has brought tangible benefits in traffic and brand awareness.” – Scott Cohen, Executive Editor, NYDailyNews.com.

Profile data is available to websites after a user authenticates directly suing an existing identity. Data varies widely by provider and depends on user permissions.

Recent news

Gigya announced the availability of Paypal as an identity provider on the Gigya platform. It also released an independent study of leading publishers and retailers examining the value of social sign-on, conducted by Edge Research.


Gigya customers pay a fixed monthly license fee.

Compared to competition

According to the company, “Gigya’s technology is the most secure, reliable, and scalable in the industry, ensuring the best possible user experience. Gigya offers a comprehensive suite of social CRM features, is interoperable with any third party technology or tool, and provides a team of experts to ensure the success of each client implementation. Gigya has proven success with global leaders in publishing, commerce and consumer goods.”

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