Parents Can Monitor Kids’ Facebook Activity With SociallyActive

By David Cohen 

Attention, kids on Facebook: Big Brother may be watching your activity on the social network. If your parents are concerned enough to pay for its service, Big Brother comes in the form of SociallyActive.

For $9 per month, or $89 per year, SociallyActive provides parents with detailed reports about their kids’ Facebook activity, as well as the activity of their friends. Features include:

  • Information that is usually difficult to uncover, such as who is tagging kids in photos, photos of kids that may not appear on their own timelines, and which friends they are interacting with the most.
  • A recent activity tab that displays comments and wall posts made by kids’ on other users’ pages.
  • Algorithms that analyze kids’ social networks and determine which friends and conversations are most influential.
  • Giving kids access to the same information as their parents in order to enable them to manage their own online safety, privacy, and security.

SociallyActive said a 40 percent discount is available on annual subscriptions through Oct. 10 by using the discount code PRNW0925. And CEO Amy Kelly added:

It can be very frustrating to keep up-to-date with a teen’s Facebook activity and safeguard their online privacy. SociallyActive extracts the most important information about a teen’s social network and enables parents to easily understand the topics and issues that are impacting them.

Readers: Do you think more parents should look into services like SociallyActive, or do they cross the line in terms of snooping?