SocialCode Drills Down To Facebook Page Post Level With Message Optics

By David Cohen 

Social marketing solutions provider SocialCode announced the release Tuesday of Message Optics, an extension of its proprietary analytics platform that helps page administrators monitor their brands’ Facebook pages down to the level of the performances of individual posts.

SocialCode said Message Optics reports on the organic and viral performance of individual Facebook page posts, helping page admins make decisions about posting strategy and paid media by providing scores, benchmarks, and reports on all page post activity.

Message Optics also uses predictive analytics to recommend which posts to sponsor, based on organic performance, with reports on the effects of the ad spending on reach and virality, and SocialCode added that Message Optics users can create custom tags and view executive-level performance and trend reports, which include return on investment for paid media spending.

SocialCode CEO Laura O’Shaughnessy said:

It is vital for marketers to understand how to increase organic engagement to break through Facebook’s news feed EdgeRank score and ensure that content is seen. On average, we’ve seen that individual organic page posts reach only 3 percent to 5 percent of a page’s fan base. With the insight gained from Message Optics, marketers can make educated decisions on which posting strategies, including messaging and targeting, to optimize for maximum engagement and amplified reach.

Message Optics shows brands which posts garner the highest engagement rates and should be promoted, and then informs on just how much earned media is gained. For example, when we put $1,000 of ad spend on a page post for a brand with 1 million Facebook fans, the post received five times as many impressions from fans and 40 percent more viral impressions than when not sponsored. Message optics gives our clients visibility into results like these that uncover opportunities they would not be attuned to otherwise.