Facebook Users Can Book Hotel Rooms, Earn Commission With SocialBooker ‘Plus-U’

By David Cohen 

For hotels, using Facebook as a marketing tool is nothing new, but they can now use Facebook users as marketing tools following Appnostic’s addition of the “Plus-U” feature to its SocialBooker hotel distribution application.

SocialBooker provides more than 50 hotels worldwide with integrated booking solutions for their Facebook pages, including the ability to create communities of loyal repeat guests.

Those are exactly the type of guests Plus-U is geared toward: Facebook users who heavily influence travel-planning decisions can become SocialBooker travel consultants, receiving commissions of 8 percent to 12 percent when rooms are booked via their Facebook pages, from a network of more than 25,000 hotels around the world. Those influencers, or travel consultants, can also share, plan, and book trips as groups, and take advantage of exclusive offers for friends and families.

Appnostic Founder and Chief Executive Officer Brian Dass said:

We are building the plumbing to pipe rates and inventory to travel enthusiasts who help their friends, colleagues, and clients plan trips. Through Facebook, the SocialBooker Plus-U application allows hotels to work with consumers and the content they share as direct booking channels, much like they work with online travel agencies today.

With new access to real-time application-programming interface data now provided by top photo-sharing programs like Instagram, we are on the brink of tying in the distribution of rates and availability with the hotel and destination images guests share online.

Readers: Have you ever booked any part of your travels by using Facebook?