Facebook Growing In Indonesia, But Is It Authentic?

By Justin Lafferty 

As evidenced by Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s trip to Russia, Facebook is doing all it can to expand its global reach. According to statistics from social media database Socialbakers, the site is growing in popularity in the Asian island nation of Indonesia, but are those new members real?

Socialbakers, in a new blog post, shows that Indonesia has had a user jump in the past month of roughly 7.6 million (or 19.14 percent). The next country, in terms of growth over the past month, is India at roughly 3.2 million (or 5.91 percent). The U.S. is third in terms of growth, with 2.5 million people joining the site recently.

However, Socialbakers wonders how many of the 7.6 million to join Facebook in Indonesia are real people. Facebook has been cracking down on fake profiles, but Socialbakers cites a BBC report stating that countries such as Indonesia and Turkey have been hotbeds for falsified identities. Socialbakers noted that those countries haven’t had the drastic hit in membership yet:

Socialbakers typically sees around a 5 percent to 10 percent rise in Facebook user growth by country, so this piece of data is off the charts! However, the increase may come at a not-so-ideal price. According to the BBC, Indonesia and Turkey have the highest number of fake Facebook accounts. But the numbers of their users haven’t dramatically decreased, although the social network was deleting the fake likes.

Readers: Do you think Indonesia’s Facebook growth is real?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.