Social Media Reality Show To Show How Awful Social Media Marketers Really Are

By B.J. Mendelson 

The social media marketing industry is not known for modesty and honesty. If Guy Kawasaki is to be believed, he’s completely responsible for the marketing success of Apple. Dave Kerpen, despite admitting otherwise on stage in front of hundreds, and thousands more watching at home on the internet, claims his first book was a New York Times Best Seller because of social media. Gary Vaynerchuk gives speeches for big money where he complains you can’t tell what the ROI of advertising is, despite the fact that in the opening chapter for his first book, he brags about growing his family’s business using … yup, traditional advertising. These are just a few examples. I haven’t even gotten to Amy Jo Martin giving terrible parenting advice or Mari Smith and pretty much everything she says when it comes to Facebook, but you get the idea. It’s an industry populated with crooks and liars.

I guess for that reason it wasn’t long before someone decided to make a TV show featuring these awful people and their friends. Enter: Chris LaVoie, not to be confused with fellow atheist Chris Lavoie, who is a producer on “The Stephanie Miller Show.” This Chris LaVoie produces an online Miami-based reality show called “Top Recruiter” and now wants to produce a show called, and I’m not kidding, “Social Media Stars.” And you know what? Despite the fact that I’m the author of the book that exposes the fraud of most social media marketing gurus, I’m totally ok with this program being produced. Just not for the reasons Chris and company might want.

It’s one thing for a guy like me, who most people haven’t heard of, to write a book about how awful these social media marketers are and the fact that they, with a lot of help from the media, have been perpetrating a fraud on the Western World for the better part of six years. I may have the facts, interviews, and data to back up my claims, but the truth is most people just don’t read books. They like the idea of books. They like to talk about the ideas discussed within those books when the media mentions them, but it’s simply not something, with rare exceptions, that everyone does. This is backed up by the often overused claim that stems from Publisher’s Weekly that most books don’t sell more than 300 copies a year and more than 3,000 over the course of their lifetime. I’m close to 8,000 sold of Social Media Is Bullshit in less than a year, but I also know I had to deal with a total national media blackout because of the book’s title (seriously) and because it would have made a lot of the media look bad. I should have sold way more, but didn’t. It doesn’t matter now. “Should haves” and other excuses are for losers. You either succeed or fail, and if you don’t succeed, you learn what you can and just move on.

Regardless, even if Chris LaVoie’s social media reality show is entirely online, meaning you can’t exactly trust the viewership numbers, it’s at least feasible that more people are going to see this show than read my book. And if that’s the case, and the people that Chris attracts to be on his show are just as awful as I imagine them being, then it’s going to help my cause and not hurt it. Because then you can see what I’ve spent all my time researching and writing about since 2009: That these people are small, petty, egotistical frauds that don’t know what they’re talking about half the time, and without the media’s assistance in helping to peddle their BS, they don’t really have much to stand on. In fact, I’ll be shocked if you find one person on the show who has an actual background in advertising, marketing, public relations, or even crisis communications. You know why? Because they barely exist in the social media marketing industry.

It’s going to be the blind leading the blind, and I’m going to love every minute of it because I’m going to get to put my feet up for a while, smile, and say “See? I told you these people are wrong and awful. Here’s proof.”