"Social" Dating for the Socially Inept

By Amanda Cosco Comment

Internet dating sites confuse me. Not logistically, I mean, but conceptually. Do people really think they’re going to find the wo/man of their dreams online? What happened to fate? What happened to the romantic serendipity of a happen-chance encounter on the subway or in a cafe? I’ve always thought it would happen like this: he’d see me from across the room. My hair would be blowing in the wind, and I’d be radiating angelic light – like when Tony spots Maria across the dance hall in West Side Story.

While I wait for my cinematic romance, thousands of more practical, level-headed people use social media dating sites to hook up. While Facebook tried to launch a “Matchmaker” application last month, it failed miserably, as Facebook reps quickly realized that – despite the site’s “social” quality – few people turn to Facebook looking for romance. Instead, the love-hungry turn to websites like Ashley Madison and Plenty of Fish.

Add to that list “Date Buzz,” a new social media website dedicated to connecting web- savvy romantics. “Vote on what you like and don’t like. We’ll connect the dots to find someone just right for you” boasts the site’s homepage. Date Buzz wants to remove the hassle of finding a partner, and instead, hand-deliver an interested partner to your doorstep – or in this case, to your profile’s inbox.

Here’s how Date Buzz works: you log on, create a profile, answer a bunch of questions, and the machine crunches some numbers and pops out a soulmate for you: a match made in computer heaven On Date Buzz, you don’t even have to go through the hassle of creating a profile. Simply sync your Date Buzz profile to your Facebook account and your profile information and pictures can be shared.

On the one hand, social media dating sites connect people that would’ve otherwise never met, acting as the middleman or matchmaker. On the other hand, how lazy and socially stunted are we becoming? We won’t even take the time to create an online profile, let alone go out to actually meet someone (in person, I mean).

While Date Buzz may play Cupid for thousands of people, I prefer to do my own socially connecting. Call me old-school, but I’ll stick to serendipity.

For more information on Date Buzz, visit their website.