SnapStream DVR Users Can Upload TV Screenshots, Video Clips Directly to Facebook

By David Cohen 

SnapStreamPostToFacebook650Digital-video-recorder and TV-search company SnapStream, which brings “DVR on steroids” functionality to PCs and Macs, introduced several social features, including a way for its users to upload screenshots and video clips from television shows directly to Facebook.

DVR appliances from SnapStream start at a one-time cost of $10,000, and they enable users to record 10 TV shows simultaneously from cable, satellite or digital antennas, with the content then viewable via PCs, Macs or iPads.

Current SnapStream users include The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, The Soup, The Huffington Post, Gawker, the U.S. Senate, the New York City Mayor’s Office, the city of Austin (Texas) and MLB Network.

The new social TV features allow users to locate moments from shows they have recorded and share them to Facebook, as screenshots or video clips, with the latter uploaded as native Facebook videos for optimal engagement. Multiple pages can be linked to SnapStream, and users can choose which pages to post to.

Other social TV features introduced by SnapStream include:

  • A tweets tab that offers users a view of Twitter activity related to the shows they are viewing, along with the ability to attach animated GIFs, screenshots or video clips to tweets.
  • On the subject of animated GIFs, any moment from recorded TV shows can be converted into that format by using SnapStream’s clipping tools to mark start and end points and manage settings such as frame rate, playback speed and resolution. Those files can they be uploaded to any site that supports the format.

SnapStream founder and CEO Rakesh Agrawal said in a release introducing the new social TV features:

We believe that Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr are an essential part of how people watch TV today. And we believe it’s early days for this phenomena — the importance of social media to TV will only grow. With our new social TV features, we aim to make SnapStream an essential tool for any television producer, marketer or advertiser.

Readers: How often do you interact on Facebook or other social networks while watching TV?