Facebook Single-Column Timeline Spotted In New Zealand

By David Cohen 

The single-column timeline design discovered last month by social media expert Mari Smith and ABC News has surfaced in — where else — New Zealand, Facebook’s unofficial launching ground.

Owen Williams, a New Zealand-based contributor to The Next Web, shared his screen captures of the single-column layout, while the social network told TNW it had “no other details to share right now.”

According to TNW, the right-hand column is now limited to friends, recent activity, and other non-messaging updates, and highlighted posts, including life events, can no longer be stretched across the page.

TNW added that the boxes that linked to friends, photos, maps, and likes no longer appear, with those sections accessible via a menu that brings them up separately. A More tab offers access to about, friends, photos, maps, movies, TV shows, and music, as well as settings for activity from open graph applications. Relationship status is also missing from the header.

Readers: Do you prefer the current timeline layout or the single-column design Facebook is experimenting with?