SiestApp optimizes naps using science


By Phi Tran Comment


Naps are great, but they’re also hard to master: a long nap will make you too sleepy, a short nap will leave you feeling fatigued, and the perfect nap is like a needle in a haystack. With that in mind, if you want help optimizing your day-ZZZs, we suggest you give SiestApp a try.

Unlike your regular alarm clock, SiestApp monitors your napping patterns to wake you up at just the right time. Since we’re all different nappers with different needs, SiestApp can mean the difference between a 15-minute-nap or a 30-minute-nap.


If you want to feel less guilty for taking time out of your day to re-energize your brain, consider this fact: Did you know that Dalí would take a nap (or ‘siesta’) with a heavy key between his fingers so that when he fell asleep and it fell to the floor the noise would wake him up? He wasn’t the only one. The same tale is told about other geniuses like Einstein or Aristotle, but why did they do it?