Social Marketing Platform Shoutlet Integrates With Governance, Compliance Outfit Actiance

By David Cohen 

ActianceLogo650Social marketing and compliance monitoring on the same platform? The partnership between social relationship platform provider Shoutlet and social business governance provider Actiance, announced Thursday, will make that combination a reality.

Shoutlet said its application-programming-interface-based integration with Actiance and its Socialite offering will allow its clients to control, monitor, and capture Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter content and activities posted by users on its platform and ensure compliance with industry regulations and corporate governance policies.

The companies offered more details on how the combination works in a press release:

To initiate compliance, a Shoutlet user simply authorizes Socialite with account access. Content is then captured as it is created, edited, and deleted, including events like comments, replies, and retweets, while preserving the social context. Captured content is monitored by Socialite for keywords, expressions, and phrases to help ensure compliance with an organization’s policies for acceptable use and information security. If a user revokes authorization, or if authorization fails, Socialite can alert the appropriate line managers that a user is no longer in compliance with company policies.

Captured content can also be sent to long-term storage in Actiance’s cloud-based archive, Alcatraz.

Shoutlet President and Chief Strategy Officer Aaron Everson said in the release:

Brands find themselves constantly challenged to meet compliance guidelines without sacrificing the necessary level of timeliness, nimbleness, and freedom to communicate. Brands that implement a solution that leverages Actiance’s and Shoutlet’s social marketing tools can have that peace of mind and, by mitigating compliance risks, focus their energy on building the business through smart, engaging social channels.

Actiance President and CEO Kailash Ambwani added:

Modern organizations understand the business case for allowing their employees to actively use social networks. But for some, internal governance requirements, the risk of litigation, or government regulations have kept social networks just beyond their reach. Through this partnership, any organization can use the Shoutlet platform to realize the benefits of being social, all while compliance and legal teams rest easy.