Shoutlet 6.0 Rolls Out With New Features For Facebook Marketers

By David Cohen 

Cloud-based self-serve social marketing platform Shoutlet Tuesday released Shoutlet 6.0, a major update with new features including tools for social ads, social analytics, social contests, and social listening.

Shoutlet also announced a partnership with Kenshoo Social, allowing it to show marketers how paid, owned, and earned media attribute to sales conversions and social Web traffic.

The new features in Shoutlet 6.0 include:

  • Social Ads: The ability to create, publish, and promote Facebook page post ads via a single platform, as well as to manage ad calendars, and to schedule and link posts to multiple pages. Also, the integration with Kenshoo Social offers analytics enabling forecasts and measurement.

  • Social Listening: The ability to visualize, track, and understand conversations across blogs and online news websites, along with Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube. Shoutlet 6.0 users can also access Klout scores.

  • Social Contests: Shoutlet 6.0 clients can run an unlimited number of social contests and sweepstakes and use the company’s Social Canvas tools to customize those contests and publish them across the Web. Parameters can be set for multiple versions of contests, including platform, mobile, age, location, and language.

  • Social Analytics: Analytics tools that integrate with platforms including Google Analytics, IBM Digital Analytics, Omniture, and Webtrends, offering social content tagging, detailed data reports, and conversion tracking.

Shoutlet CEO Jason Weaver said:

Brands, marketers, and agencies are constantly looking for the newest tools and metrics to help drive not only engagement, but also revenue. With Shoutlet 6.0 additions of Social Ads, Social Analytics, Social Contests, and Social Listening, we are giving brands everything they need to transform their complicated marketing projects into an easily managed process that captures opportunities and data to help execute intelligent, successful campaigns. Shoutlet’s DIY approach is the answer for brands looking to achieve uncomplicated, yet sophisticated, social marketing.