Search Through Your Facebook History With Archify

By Justin Lafferty 

So you remember a funny picture or a witty post from a Facebook friend, but you can’t recall when or which friend. Archify, which launched earlier this week, seeks to solve this problem by allowing users to easily search through their Facebook histories and see which of their friends and pages are the most active. Users can even access their Facebook histories from their Gmail accounts.

Archify is a simple, visual way to search through your browsing history on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or the Internet in general. Facebook’s search bar is great to find new content, friends, or pages, but it doesn’t help much if you’re trying to dig back to find a specific post.

By connecting with Archify (note, Archify also has a browser plug-in, but it doesn’t track HTTPS, which Facebook recently switched to), people can revisit their browsing history and search for specific terms. A screenshot, as well as the full text of the page you visited, is saved to Archify, to make it easier to search. If users wish, they can also have this data available through their Gmail account.

Users can also get analytics about their browsing history and see who, among their friends and pages they’ve liked, are the most active posters.

Check out this informative video, showing all that Archify has to offer: